Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo Review

Posted by Damon Bailey on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 8:00am


The PC industry has seen its share of unique input devices over the years, everything from cameras to brainwave scanners. However, the mouse and keyboard are still, by far, the best and most efficient way to use your PC. As the PC has evolved, so have the peripherals. Some keyboards have Macros, USB pass through and dedicated media keys. The most desired feature these days seems to be RGB Lighting. Everything from fans to mice and especially keyboards has RGB lighting in recent history.

As enthusiasts, once we find peripherals that we like, we tend to stick with them for a long time. To persuade one to even look at a new mouse or keyboard, let alone willingly change peripherals, is a monumental task. It’s a safe bet that more than a few of us have something wrong with one of our peripherals. Whether it’s a sticking key or a frayed cord, it may be time for an upgrade. With so many choices out there, it’s sometimes hard to make a decision. But no worries, Cooler Master is here to make that decision a bit easier with their MasterKeys Lite L Combo.

Proclockers would like to thank Cooler Master for making this review possible. Now, let’s see what the MasterKeys Lite L Combo has in store for us!

About Cooler Master

Working on a hunch out of an apartment in Taipei with no support and no funding, a rogue product manager startedinventing, improving, making and marketing new products. Despite the humble beginning, Roger Lin founded Cooler Master in 1992 and his innovative spirit has propelled it to the market leader we all know today.

Cooler Master’s take on the MasterKeys Lite L Combo

The MasterKeys Lite L Combo with RGB gives you two gaming devices with incredible features. Equipped with brilliant zoned RGB lighting for you to customize with any color you desire, the keyboard also provides a crisp, tactile feel thanks to Cooler Master’s exclusive Mem-chanical switches. Toss in an equally decked out mouse with precision sensor, side buttons, and DPI presets, the MasterKeys Lite L Combo gives you the RGB experience and performance all in one package.



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