Corsair's New Mouse Lineup and XL Mouse Mat Review: Page 8 of 9

Posted by James Keir on Monday, January 7, 2019 - 2:00pm


To test each of these mice I will be playing my favorite FPS game CS: GO. For each mouse, I’ll play 3 rounds of wingman with each gaming session lasting 1-2 hours. My test system is comprised of:

  • ASRock Z370 Tachi Motherboard
  • Intel 8700K Processor
  • 4 x 4GB Team Group T-Force Delta RGB Ram
  • MSI X-Gaming RX480 8GB GPU
  • Cooler Master 212 Hyper Black Edition Cooler
  • EVGA 750W P2 PSU
  • Cooler Master SL600M Case


For my entire gaming session, I used the MMM350 and I must say it felt great and was extremely comfortable on my wrist. Each of the mice just glided across the surface with ease and space definitely was not an issue with its extra-large surface. I personally really liked the battle-worn look they went with and it matched each of the mice perfectly. I could see the look not matching every setup, but overall, due to its neutral colors, it shouldn’t be an issue for the most part.

After using a large mat such as the MM350, I think it's going to be nearly impossible to go back to those smaller mouse pads.

Ironclaw RGB

Corsair Mice and MM350

Out of all the 3 mice in this review, the Ironclaw was my favorite, mainly due to its larger size. I personally like to palm my mouse, and the Ironclaw’s size seemed to contour to my hand the best. I really love the textured sides of the mouse and the weight of it was also quite nice.

During my gameplay, the Ironclaw didn’t skip a beat and performed exceptionally well. I really liked the ability to change my DPI on-the-fly using the center button. Even after configuring my DPI settings in iCUE prior to my gaming session, during my first match I found my mouse movement a little sluggish. So instead of spending time mid-match adjusting it via the mouse sensitivity in the CS: Go menu, all I had to do was use the DPI button.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the Ironclaw RGB and it will be my daily driver going forward.

Harpoon RGB Wireless

Corsair Mice and MM350

This was something new to me that I haven’t done before: game with a wireless mouse. I have always had my reservations about wireless especially in FPS where reaction time is everything. I’m happy to report that with the Harpoon RGB Wireless there is no need to worry. The Harpoon in every way reacted just like a wired mouse with the exception of not having any wires. The mouse was extremely easy to pair via Bluetooth, which is done by holding down the DPI button. Using it via 2.4GHz was even easier as just plugging in the receiver and setting the Harpoon in 2.4GHz mode, the mouse was instantly paired.

During my session of CS: GO, I was extremely impressed by its reaction time and I really loved not having a wire dragging me down. The Harpoon was comfortable to use, though it was a little small for my bigger hands. I could really see me bringing this around with my laptop due to its smaller size and the fact that it doesn’t require a cable.

I never saw myself using a wireless mouse for games like CS: GO before, but after my experience with the Harpoon RGB Wireless, it’s definitely a possibility now.

M65 RGB Elite

Corsair Mice and MM350

The M65 RGB Elite felt great and out of the other mice I really liked the weight of it. After adjusting the weight and testing out each, I found that its max weight of 115g was perfect for me. Since every mouse usually won’t satisfy everyone 100%, it is nice that weight won’t be an issue with the M65 Elite.

During my matches of CS: GO its performance was near perfection. I’m not sure if it was due to the weight or the pad configuration on the bottom, but it seemed to glide slightly better on the MM350 than the Ironclaw and Harpoon. This was quite nice when I needed to make those flicks in clutch situations. The overall feel of the mouse was great but I did miss the more textured side of the Ironclaw. At first, I really liked the idea behind the sniper button, but at least in CS: GO, it didn’t work out as I thought it would. It’s possible that I just need more time to adjust my play style, but I found that when I was using it, I constantly needed to release the button so I could track the enemies’ movements. I could see this possibly being useful in a camping situation where you want to steady your hand and won’t need to move the cursor too much to achieve your shot.

I really enjoyed playing with the M65 RGB Elite and personally for me, if it was just a little bit bigger, it would be the perfect mouse.