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Posted by Michael Pabia on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


There are a lot of impressive things I found out about the 700M eSPORTS gaming mouse but first let me talk about what went missing from the 700M eSPORTS edition which is the weighing options. The 700M gaming mouse use to have weights for the weight chamber but these aren't included in the 700M eSPORTS gaming mouse and checking on the product datasheet from Cougar itself, packaging only includes the 700M eSPORTS mouse, a set of Cougar stickers and a user manual. Still, the 700M eSPORTS gaming mouse uses the same design and structure of the 700M and the weight chamber still exists as seen below.


The weights I used are actually from the Thermaltake Tt eSports Black V2 gaming mouse I reviewed previously which happens to have weights of a perfect size that fits the weight module of the 700M eSPORTS gaming mouse. Each weight holds 4.5 grams giving me a maximum of 18 grams addition if desired. Hence, I'm really wondering why Cougar skipped adding the weights which would cater to a larger audience of users. Gamers doesn't necessary use lightweight mouse and some to use heavier and larger mouse so I'm puzzled by Cougar on this. Hence, you can do what I did which is to be resourceful and find something else to use as weights if you need to make the 700M eSPORTS a little heavier. As for my preferences, the stock weight is actually perfect for me. Adding weights on the mouse is rather optional and would require resourcefulness.

As for comfort, I find the size and weight of the 700M eSPORTS perfect to my liking. Having the rear height adjusted can give you a  sense of holding on to a larger mouse which is a good feature to have. If only the weight options are still available, I'd really give the comfort aspect a 10 out of 10. Although the 700M eSPORTS look and is shaped differently from a typical mouse, surprisingly it doesn't feel very much different which is good.

The specifications in terms of hardware of the 700M eSPORTS and 700M gaming mouse is the same. The ADNS-9800 Laser sensor is very accurate and impressive! The LED lighting options is cool but like I mentioned earlier, the red aluminum frame tends to bounce of a reddish color for lighter LED colors like yellows and whites.


Perhaps the most obvious addition of the 700M eSPORTS is the addition of the gaming color theme which made the mouse look more vibrant and youthful particularly the black and red color theme which is very associated with 'gaming' for some reason. The added design is like adding racing stripes and numbers on a car to give it a totally different appeal.

Another impressive thing about the 700M eSPORTS gaming mouse, which I've also said in my 250M Gaming Mouse review, is the robustness of the software. The Cougar UIX System is very responsive, easy to load and very user friendly. At a glance you can easily tell which is which, how to tweak functions and so on. So aside from a cool gaming mouse packed with cool features, it is backed up with an equally responsive and helpful software making it a perfect combination. As for pricing, Cougar is yet to release a standard retail price for the 700M eSPORTS gaming mouse. We will update this review as soon as it is available.


  • Solid aluminum frame and structure
  • Robust and user-friendly software
  • Gaming color theme


  • None

Highly Recommended

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