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Posted by on Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 8:00am

Testing and User Experience

Enermax ECR501 Mighty Charger Card Reader

Once you have installed it into your case and hooked up the appropriate cables to the correct headers on your motherboard. If you are not sure, consult your motherboard manual. Then feel free to plug in your devices and or media cards into the front of the reader. For my test I plugged my phone into the Supercharger port on a dead battery and noticed that it charged significantly faster at the same time I hooked my gaming keyboard, mouse and headset to the front and everything worked perfectly and the backlighting on the keyboard looks brighter. Next I connected my SD card into the reader and uploaded 100 raw format photos, each was 25mb to 30mb and they transferred in a few seconds. Keep in mind this is also dependent on the speed of your card and hardware.


Overall I was extremely impressed with the Enermax ECR501, it exceeded my every expectation with its excellent build quality. The use of high-strength plastic, the thickness and design of the reader made it very solid and when you plug devices into it there is no flex to the front. Also being able to mount two 2.5 inch drives and a 3.5 inch drive is a nice addition to an overall spectacular piece of hardware The Supercharging port is a nice and very useful feature for anyone trying to charge any device in a hurry. I also love that the card readers are tied into the USB 3.0 bus, enabling super fast transfers of your media to your computer. This alone made it a must have for any photographer. Also having 6 usable USB ports in the front of the computer was a nice feature so you can have all your devices, flash drives and anything else connected at the same time without having to reach behind the computer to plug things in. Overall I would have to say this product is a must have for any individual who needs these features, especially if your into photography or have a lot of devices that you regularly plug in. You can find the Enermax ECR501 Mighty Charger Card Reader at Amazon for $39.99.


  • Durable and solid construction
  • Supercharging port for fast charging
  • Supports different flash card form factor


  • None

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