Fnatic Flick G1 Gaming Mouse Review

Posted by Paul Malfy on Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 8:00am


When shopping for peripherals, there are many options these days, and everyone has an opinion on which is best. So people go with the opinions of friends, reviewers or just buy off experience. I’d say, some of the best opinions are that of pro gamers. So if a team of pro gamers get together and design a gaming mouse, why would you not want to at least try that mouse? Well, that’s exactly what the people from team Fnatic have done. With the launch of the Flick G1 Optical Gaming Mouse, Team Fnatic has extended their Gear line up od gaming peripherals. Some of you may have read my review of the Rush G1 mechanical keyboard the Proclockers has recently published. If you had, you’ll know that I gave the Rush G1 very high praise. It still today remains my keyboard of choice for both typing and gaming. However, will the Flick G1 stand up to the competition and takes its place alongside some of the major competitors like M65 and the Deathadder? Let’s take a look at how it held up. We’d once again like to thank the people of Team Fnatic for making this review possible.

About Fnatic

Fnatic is a leading organization in the E-Sports industry. Founded by Sam and Anne Mathews, their home office is in the heart of London. However, they also have offices in Belgrade and Siberia. They also have a professional gaming house in Cologne, Germany. Their players attend over 75 international events every year. Some of these events include Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), Battlefield 4 and many more. The Fnatic team was awarded Team of the Year in both 2006 and 2009. They’ve achieved great success and have won multiple world championships across many different games. Their YouTube channel is a favorite among E-Sports fans. With over 100, 000 subscribers they provide game highlights and video interviews.  With over 2 million followers on all forms of social media, Fnatic is without a doubt, one of the largest E-Sports franchises.

About the Flick G1

The Flick was designed for gamers by gamers

“Made with the solely purpose to give the E-sports gamer a keen edge over its opponents, the Fnatic Gear FLICK has been designed with a performance driven components and interesting features. The curvature of the body, yet uncomplicated but ergonomically shape has been studied through countless of hours, carved from clay and in the end approved by the Fnatic Teams. Additionally, the Fnatic Gear FLICK features seven programmable buttons and scroll wheel, three user profiles, macro recorder and a customizable LED-lightning system, making it completely customizable to your personal preferences.”