Mionix MNX-01-26003-G NAOS QG Optical Smart Gaming Mouse, Dark Gray Review

Posted by Lance Carter on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 2:09pm


Mionix's gaming mice were developed in collaboration with Kickstarter and the Twitch streaming community. The Mionix QG mouse measures the user’s biometric information and movement data via integrated sensors and visualizes the captured data through an in-game overlay. Proclockers was able to evaluate the function of this unique mouse. Our hope is to inform others that are looking into this peripheral a better understanding of its abilities.  

About Mionix 

Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Mionix' mission is to craft gaming products that define our time. By always challenging the limits of hardware as well as software, Mionix is breaking down the barriers between users and the optimal desktop experience. The Swedish character deeply ingrained, Mionix diligently strives for perfection in performance, quality, and design. This is what it is called the Mionix Craftsmanship. 

MIONIX in Sweden 

Mionix was first unveiled in 2007 whose office center is in Skane, Sweden by Peter Nygren. Mionix creates innovation and trend setting for gaming hardware products. 

The Beginning of the Real Mouse Gaming Creation 

At first, Peter Nygren searched for a mouse that could satisfy everything it needed to have a real gaming mouse. Peter did not find anything 100% to his liking. Mouse, in general, reduces Ergonomics or appearance. 
So he decided to make it his own and all the ideas behind Mionix who created the gaming mouse with the best look and the most comfortable mouse from all over the world. And this is where it all started, has been formed with the same level of innovation and attention to detail according to our mouse. 

The Meaning of Every Game Gear Mionix 

Star is always the most important thing for all cultures, they are always used in the act of trust and directions in the sky or an orientation. Stars also have very strong names and prominent individuals. 
That's why the name of every Mionix gaming gear comes from the names of the stars that aim to become a prominent symbol in the gaming world. 

Quality, Design and Innovation Touch 

Our goal is to develop products with high performance and suitability for different types of players. With a mission to create the ultra ergonomic and best-performing gaming mouse in the world proves a little dedication from the Swedes to do it. 

Now, Mionix has finished creating a variety of gaming equipment with attention to detail and innovation that is equivalent to world class. 


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