Mionix MNX-01-26003-G NAOS QG Optical Smart Gaming Mouse, Dark Gray Review: Page 3 of 6

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Posted by Lance Carter on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 2:09pm

Packaging & Unboxing 

Front of the box has a full-size photo of the NAOS QG 

Back of the box shows the features of the mouse in 18 different languages 

Left-hand side of the box a drawing of the NAOS QG pointing out the three sensors 

Right-hand side of the box has Mionix in large letters 

After opening the box you greeted by a thank you note from Mionix and your first real look at the NAOS QG 

Contents of the box are the Mionix NAOS QG, Start up Guide, and Stickers 

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