MSI Vigor GK40 Gaming Keyboard Review: Page 4 of 6

Posted by Lance Carter on Monday, April 9, 2018 - 8:00am

A Closer Look 

The front of the keyboard has the standard keys and a special MSI dragon function key. Which allows you to control your music, videos, and other function using F1 through F12 keys. One of the function is the Gamer function that turns off the Windows key. 

Back of the GK40 has to rubber pads and two separate legs that lets the keyboard have three different heights. 

The RGB of the keyboard has 6 different regions that can be set individually set to any color. 

With the water repellent feature of this keyboard, the LEDs are placed under a protective layer but this also allows for color bleed over from other regions 

The keys can be removed and replaces with most standard replacement keys.