MSI Vigor GK80 Wired Cherry MX RGB Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted by Dustin Richardson on Monday, May 7, 2018 - 8:00am


MSI Vigor GK80 Wired Cherry MX RGB Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Vigor. What is vigor? Vigor is being mentally and physically strong. Vigor is having the intensity and energy to win. And to win again. And again. That is the intention of MSI’s Vigor GK80 keyboard featuring Cherry MX RGB Red switches, dedicated hotkeys, and USB pass-through. MSI is no stranger to the world of PCs and accessories. Their product lines are wide and varied. Your whole set up could be entirely based off of MSI’s product lines. That is an awesome thing. No set up, whether completely kitted by MSI or a mixture of brands, would be complete without an outstanding top-tier keyboard that has the vigor to win….just like you.

Among MSI's keyboard offerings, the Vigor GK80 sits at the top of the line. It's performance may be the only thing that exceeds it's top-tier, totally premium look and feel. I have never seen or felt so much aluminum on a keyboard in my entire life. I didn’t know what I was missing out on. We appreciate MSI sending over this keyboard; it has given me a new perspective on choosing peripherals. It is a knockout. If I had to say one thing, it is this: the competition better not be caught sleeping. Let's start with the features to help explain why.


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