Tt eSPORTS Commander Gaming Gear Combo Review

Posted by Charles Gantt on Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 8:00am


For someone who spends at least 10-hours a week gaming on their PC, a good keyboard and mouse combo is essential, and more importantly, a good combo that won't break the bank is even more essential. This week I am taking a look at the Commander Gaming Gear Combo from Thermaltake’s Tt eSPORTS division. Tt eSPORTs says that the Commander Gaming Gear Combo “provides great features on what gamers need and make them true leaders that will take command of the game,” and I am going to find out if that claim is true or not.

The Commander Gaming Gear Combo consist of a mouse and keyboard combo that comes in at a very budget friendly MSRP of just $29.99. It’s this low-cost figure that makes me a little skeptical of the quality of the combo, as I paid more than that for my mousepad alone. Tt eSPORTS says that the Keyboard features “plunger-style” keys that provide a mechanical-like feel that will improve gaming performance, and will improve users speed and response times. I am still reserving judgement for later. Lets get this review started! 


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