Tt eSports Poseidon Z Forged (Blue Switch) Mechanical Keyboard Review: Page 5 of 6

Posted by Michael Pabia on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 8:00am


The software is fairly easy to understand and use. It got some notable features that I can only find with the Poseidon Z Forged but there are also areas for improvement.


Poseidon Z Forged

Under the Light Option tab, you can find 5 profiles, 5 modes, 6 lighting brightness levels with the Pulse option. On the images below, you can see that you can have the lighting on to particular sections of the keyboard.

Poseidon Z ForgedPoseidon Z ForgedPoseidon Z ForgedPoseidon Z Forged

There are also a few gaming oriented layouts you can choose from you can see on the images below which I showed you on the previous page.

Poseidon Z ForgedPoseidon Z ForgedPoseidon Z Forged


There are two modes to choose from which is the normal mode and the gaming mode. The only difference between the two is that on gaming mode, the windows key is disabled.


Poseidon Z Forged

Macros can be configured where you can set a delay as you can see on the image above. You can also record a set of instructions which is a combination of keys along with the delay which you can see on the test macro I saved below.

Poseidon Z Forged

Going with key assignments, you have three options which is the T Key, Single Key and Launch Prgm (Program) assignments.

T Key is basically using the macro you have recorded and saved and set it to be used in either of the tick boxes you can see on the image below.

Poseidon Z Forged

With Single key, you just simply assign any key on the keyboard on the macro key.

Poseidon Z Forged

With Launch Prgm assignment, it will allow you to launch any installed program in your computer. On the image below, you can see that I am to assign a macro key to launch foobar2000.exe. I find this key assignment very helpful. Upon logging in to desktop, you can just press a bunch of macro keys and launch everything you need from browser, media player, game and other applications.         

Poseidon Z Forged

Let's wrap up this review on the next page.


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