Tt eSPORTS Neptune ELITE RGB Gaming Keyboard Review: Page 5 of 6

Posted by Mike Holsapple on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 8:00am


Upon plugging in the keyboard, the default setting of the RGB is to cycle through the colors, one after the other. I downloaded the Tt eSPORTS gaming software 3.0 off of the website and after installing the software, plugged the keyboard in. Immediately the software prompts me to select the language of my preference and below that gives me the option to check out Tt eSPORTS website and Facebook page. Below that the software has found my device plugged in and gives me the option to search for updates if there are any.


Here we see the profile screen. This is the start of creating a new profile for your keyboard. In this screen, you can change the lighting, macros and customize each and every key to do what you would like. You can give it a new name, import or export a custom profile. There are multiple lighting effects as well.

Let’s take a look at the lighting screen and see the different options we have.

Static- One solid color, throughout the entire keyboard.

Pulse- One solid color, that turns on and off, you can control how fast the lights turn on and off.

Wave- One solid color, with lights traveling either left to right, can control how fast this moves.

Spectrum Cycling- All colors slowly transitioning into the next. Can control the speed of the transitions.

Spiral Rainbow-Colors light up on the keyboard in a spiral pattern, can control the speed of the spiral.

Sine Wave- A nice waving pattern is displayed.

Snake Marquee- Like the classic game, starts from the top of the keyboard and travels down the keyboard rows in a single line pattern.

Aura- Looks similar to a shooting star, each row does its own pattern.

Stars- Random keys light up like twinkling stars.

Rain- Rain gives the effect of raindrops, starting from the top row of keys and traveling down in random places.

Off-No lights displayed

Customize- Can create your own pattern.


The next tab under the lighting tab is the Customize tab. This tab is to customize the function of each key based on your preferences.

Under the drop menu is the following:

Keyboard Key- Can choose to apply what key does what.

Mouse Key- Can set to be a mouse click, left click, center, or right click.

Mouse Wheel- Can set the key to scroll up or scroll down.

Rapid Fire- Can set the key to rapid fire in m/s and number of clicks.

Multimedia- Can set a multimedia key. Play, pause, stop, next, previous. etc

System- Can set to the following, Wake, Sleep, Reset.

Macro- Can set this to be any sort of macro key that you program.


Next section is the Marco key section. Can set any of the keys to become a macro key. Pressing them does any sort of function that you program.


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