TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan Z Gaming Memory Review: Page 4 of 7

Posted by James Keir on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 8:00am

A Closer Look

The Vulcan Z has a 0.8mm aluminum shroud with ours being the silver version. If you're running a red/black build, the Vulcan Z’s also come in red. The shroud itself is molded with a wing-like design that matched the look of the T-Force logo with its print in the center. I like that TeamGroup has gone with the black PCB as it matches the heat spreader perfectly and will look great in most builds.

TeamGroup Vulcan Z

Flipping the memory module over, we see that our Vulcan Z’s 8GB memory kits rated at 3200MHz with timings of CL 16-18-18-38 at a voltage of 1.35v. If you want to run lower wattage modules, the Vulcan Z is also available at 2666/3000MHz which run at 1.2v.

TeamGroup Vulcan Z

On top of the module, we have some vents as well as the word “T-Force” written in the center.

TeamGroup Vulcan Z