ZADAK SHIELD DC RGB DDR4 32GB 3200MHZ Memory Review: Page 7 of 7

Posted by Damon Bailey on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

ZADAK SHIELD DC Double Capacity RGB DDR4 32GB 3200MHZ

You might not be that familiar with ZADAK yet, we’ll forgive you for now since they are only a few years old, but this SHIELD DC RGB memory makes it VERY clear they are here to take no prisoners and make no compromises. With the ability to cram a workstation class 64GB of memory into a micro-sized build will be a dream come true for some users out there. One serious problem with most large capacity memory kits is comparatively poor speeds and or timings. ZADAK gives you a solid 3200MHz which is great by itself but also throws in very tight C14 timings as well.

As far as the ever-important aesthetics go, ZADAK again nails it. Asus aura sync compatible RGB lighting compliments the brushed black and satin silver trim. The only downside is system planning requirements. The extra tall modules can interfere with larger than average CPU coolers, and with this targeted at small form factor machines, you’ll want to keep an eye on case clearance as well on the most compact cases. If you can fit this in your system, having space to digitally work and play won’t be an issue.

As we were wrapping this review up, ASUS announced support for up to 128GB of system memory installed on their other Z390 boards after a BIOS update. We grabbed the latest (and beta) BIOS for our Maximus XI Extreme and Maximus XI Hero WiFi boards and tried them again. Still no luck. ASUS only supports these modules on three specific boards, and the announced 128GB support on other Z390 boards is still limited to one specific memory module from SL Link as of this writing.

Great job ZADAK !

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