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RAM is one of the most important components of a blazing fast computer. We have a growing library of unbiased RAM reviews and computer memory reviews. Our RAM manufacturer partners are some of the top names in performance memory for PCs in the industry today.

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on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 6:13am

Crucial BallistixCrucial has a line of ram what would be a worthy choice of a higher-end system. The Ballistix Elite series is designed for the gamers and enthusiasts in mind. Running in frequencies ranging from 1600 to 2133 MHz and kits size of 4 to 16 GB, Crucial as a kit for almost everyone. We will be taking a long look at the Elite 1866 MHz 16GB quad kit today.

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on Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 8:00am

G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3 2133 KitAnd with the addition of the CPU Strap allows us to take the memory bus higher in smaller increments. And this is great with you have some pretty solid memory modules. And today on tap we feel that we do have a set of memory we consider solid. The kit is from G.Skill and is called the Ripjaws Z and is rated at 2133 MHz but it would be silly to not try and take them farther.

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on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 5:31pm

Kingston HyperX DDR3 1866MHz 16GB KitToday, we will be taking a good long look at some memory from their HyperX line. The ram official title is KHX1866C9D3K4/16GX but many will know it better by HyperX Genesis. We were handed 16GB of DDR3 1866 in four sticks. This kit is geared towards the motherboards featuring the Intel X79 chipset but can be used in many others.

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on Monday, August 8, 2011 - 8:00am

G.Skill RipjawsxG.Skill, the makers of some of the most sought after memory on the planet, was kind enough to send over a version of their low voltage memory kits aimed at the Cougar Point chipsets. The sample kit they sent over heralds from their famous RipjawsX line and is rated at 1.5 volts operating at 1866MHz. Specifically, ours is model F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL, consisting of two 4GB modules for a usable total of 8GB. Read on and find out how these perform.

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on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 5:04pm

This just clicked over at 1PM EST, and the next one will be coming up rather soon since there are 5 Shell Shocker Deals on the weekdays!

Todays deal is for a kit of Patriot Sector 5 2x2GB of DDR3 2000MHz for $39.99 (after $15 MIR) WITH free Shipping!! Surprised This stuff will be perfect for AMD's upcoming AM3+ 'Zambezi' FX-series chips (FX 4110, 6110, 8110 and 8130P) since they sport a nice native DDR3 speed of 1866MHz.

You'll no doubt have to act fast on this before time runs out, but also before their stock runs out too!

Hit the link for this smokin' deal.

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on Monday, February 28, 2011 - 12:00am

Corsair VengeanceHeading the charge is Corsair, a company you all are likely familiar with as they are one of the industry’s leaders in DIMM manufacturing. Corsair recently released the new Vengeance line of high performance DDR3 just prior to that of the P67 chipset. Thanks to Sandy Bridge being built with a much better memory controller than the socket 1156 and 1366 processors, the socket 1155 variants are capable of improved memory performance and running a higher frequency, all the while doing so with out breaking a sweat. The kit we will be taking a look at from Corsair today is the Vengeance model CMZ8GB3M2A1600C9. When broken down this equates to being an 8GB  kit(2x4GB) of DDR3, running at 1600MHz, with a CAS latency of 9. 

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on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 6:23am

ocz reaper 2133EDITOR'S UPDATE: This kit is the standard "Reaper HPC", and not the "ReaperX" edition. All mentioning of "ReaperX" have been corrected to "Reaper HPC". We sincerely apologize to both our loyal readers, OCZ and especially to any guests who were linked in. We assure you all that this is not a typical occurrence here at Pro-Clockers. Again we are sorry for this mix up! -Clint/Formula350 

OCZ have given us the best of both worlds with their latest addition to the enthusiast Reaper HPC line of memory kits, giving us 8GB of usable memory under a 64-bit operating system. At the same time it operates at a high enough frequency to achieve some excellent performance! How does 2133MHz sound?


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