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Posted by Nathan Frost on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 8:00am

Features & Specifications

Optical Sensor

This mouse is equipped with a 6000 DPI optical sensor with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection. These features make it an excellent choice for any gamer demanding high speed and precision for every single click.

Ready-To-Go Setup

While installing corsair’s utility software is always recommended this mouse is literally ready to game straight out of the box. No pesky drivers to install and you won’t have to remember to have another mouse available in order to set this one up as often occurs with some of the higher end gaming mice.

On-Board Memory

Another unique feature of this mouse is that it stores DPI settings and button mapping in onboard memory so that you can take your personal preferences with you wherever you go. This makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go gamers and for gamers who switch between multiple rigs for different games.

RGB Customization

Yet another feature that is rarely available in this price range is the full onboard support for RGB which allows you to choose from any of thousands of colors and makes this an excellent complement to the rest of your RGB hardware.

Customization & Macros

Let’s face it, in 2017 any input peripheral that can’t run macros and offer custom mapping is going to be left behind. This is yet another area where the Harpoon does not disappoint. While it doesn’t come with dozens of buttons like some mice do, each of the six buttons are fully-programmable for everything from basic key swapping to detailed macros via the corsair utility interface.


Unlike most mice in this price range, the Harpoon does not compromise on ergonomics or comfort. The rubberized side grips are very comfortable for extended gaming sessions and the scroll wheel and buttons both have a sturdy, firm feel when used.

Specification Chart

Corsair Gaming HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse


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