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Posted by Nathan Frost on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 8:00am


Corsair Gaming HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse

The Harpoon is controlled via the Corsair Utility Engine software. This is an excellent piece of controller software and becomes especially handy when you are using multiple corsair peripherals/devices since it gives you one control panel for all of them.

There are four main sections of the Harpoons controller.

The first is the “actions” tab which is where you can create custom macros and button combinations to give you an edge in repetitive game movements. As mentioned earlier all 6 buttons are fully programmable so you can literally redefine the whole mouse. 


Corsair Gaming HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse

The next tab is devoted to the RGB capabilities of this mouse. You can set the RGB corsair logo can be set to any of millions of colors with the available color pallet. You can also use the drop down to setup other patterns such as rainbow effects and pulsing light effects. This really is a fully RGB compatible mouse with millions of unique color and motion combinations.

Corsair Gaming HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse

The third tab is all about DPI. In this tab, you can set the five pre-programmed DPI levels to whatever you want them to be, this adds to the endless customization options. Here you can also set the colors that the corsair logo will flash to the user when the DPI settings are changed on-the-fly.

Corsair Gaming HARPOON RGB Gaming Mouse

The final tab isn’t quite as exciting as the first three as it only contains a couple options such as pointer speed and an option to increase the detail of the pointer.

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