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Posted by Nathan Frost on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 8:00am



The size of this charger is very travel-friendly! It is small and very lightweight. Its very simple to use. As soon as your charger is plugged in it lights up with a blue LED telling you it is ready for charging. Here is a look at the BW-FWC4 plugged in and powered on.

BlitzWolf Wireless Charger

With its ultra slim design and 360-degree charging design, you no longer have to worry about a cable staying plugged into your phone. It instantly starts charging when your phone is placed on the center of its anti-scratch surface. It has an intelligent LED indicator. When the blue breathing light appears that means your phone is charging. And my favorite part about the blue light, it is very sleep-friendly and not too bright!  What is also nice about this wireless charger is if there is a problem while charging, It will flash red to notify you of abnormal charging. The lower your phone battery temperature is the faster it will charge! When your phone's battery is full, there will be no light. 

BlitzWolf Wireless Charger

Here are some shots of the BW-FWC4 charging a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Edge

BlitzWolf Wireless Charger


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