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Posted by Lance Carter on Monday, March 13, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Lumsing 15000mAh Portable Power Bank Conclusion

The charging ability of the Lumsing 15000mAh Glory P2 Plus Power Bank smart charge feature was up to most of the test I ran. With an increased charging time to newer android phones, Bluetooth headsets, & gaming controllers. Same charging times for the iPad mini 4 & the Asus Nexus 7. But the unexpected result from the Motorola Xyboard where it would have showed the device connected but never charged made me wonder if other older device may run into the same problem. The look and design of the casing maybe plain but the durability is very well constructed. I also was pleased with the provided cables to be of a usable length. I really enjoyed testing of the Lumsing 15000mAh Glory P2 Plus Power Bank. There where highs & lows in its ability to charge a wide range of devices, but was pleased by the end of the testing that the power for my newer devices was always there & ready for use. I would gladly recommend others to buy this product, so we'll give this the ProClockers Recommended Award. You can currently find the Lumsing 15000mAh Glory P2 Plus Power Bank available for purchase on Amazon for $21.99. 


  • Excellent case construction 
  • Decent length of cables provided (19 inches) 
  • Charged faster than most average charge times (Smart Charge) 
  • Use of the micro USB input & the Type-C input at the same time to charge unit 


  • May have problems charging older devices

Recommended Award 


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