LUXA2 TX-100 Portable Wireless Charging Pad Review

Posted by Michael Pabia on Saturday, February 14, 2015 - 8:00am


LUXA2 TX-100

Features in mobile devices today are rapidly improving each year. As LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake Technology, provides different solutions for your mobile devices such as power banks, holders and clips, as well as audio gears; LUXA2 always offers us the latest technology available such as the Qi Wireless charging. With that, LUXA2 gladly gave us their newly released TX-100 Portable Wireless charging pad to check out today.

Qi Wireless charging is a new technology today and there's only a very limited amount of gadget that supports it for the meantime which tends to be the latest generation high-end smartphones. It is said to be very convenient for people on the go. Let's check out how true that claim is.

LUXA2's Take On The TX-100 Portable Wireless Charging Pad

Feather light charging in the palm of your hands

Providing a simple and easy way to wireless charge your Qi compatible device without having to worry about connecting/disconnecting those troublesome cables. Whether you want to charge on your desk at work, charge in the comfort of your home, the TX-100 offers you the flexibility of fixed wireless charging anywhere and anytime.

Here's a short clip about Qi Wireless Charging and some other product LUXA2 offer to enable this technology:

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