OLALA C2-i 6000mAh iPod, iPhone, and iPad Power Bank Review: Page 5 of 6

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Posted by Thom Halfkenny on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - 8:00am

Performance Testing

The 6000mAh is rated to charge Apple devices a specific amount of times. 3 X for an iPhone 5, once for an iPad and 2.3 times for an iPhone 6. To charge the power bank to initial full capacity, from the indicated 75% out of the box, took one hour and twenty one minutes. (1:21). For this review I chose to charge an iPhone 5 three times, to verify the manufacturer’s stated capacity. After two charges the power bank indicator indicated 75%, however quickly changed to 50% after several minutes on charge. The 6000mAh easily charged my iPhone, and exceeded my expectations with a total of 3.25 times per charge. The duration of charging time from empty to full was a total of 7hrs 15mins. I compared the recharge time with that of three other previously reviewed Power Banks with similar capacity on the following chart. The OLALA C2-i 6000mAh Power Bank had a slightly faster recharge time. I used the provided USB cable to charge the Bank. A fast charge cable could be used however it would increase the heat level during charging.

OLALA C2-i 6000mAh Power Bank


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