OLALA S100-i 13000mAh iPod, iPhone, and iPad Power Bank Review: Page 5 of 5

Posted by Thom Halfkenny on Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The OLALA S100I is the big brother of the i6000mAh model we have previously reviewed. I was very impressed and happy to discover that the charging time was only 45 minutes longer than most of the other models we have reviewed and over twice the capacity.  As technology advances, power requirements increase accordingly. Finding the right size of power bank for your individual needs can certainly be a challenge, when you consider capacity, size, weight and various features.

The OLALA S100i has that Darth Vader appeal, being visibly powerful and desired by most while maintaining a slick black finish to marvel that of the stealth fighter. After all who doesn’t like black? It is constructed very well and easily services the Apple products it was designed for. The power Bank has a very solid feel and is robust and durable, therefore well prepared for the rigors of mobility in the modern world.   As it is relatively compact, it can easily reside in a pocket, pouch, backpack or handbag alongside your iPhone or other devices.

The inclusion of a built in lightning cable is brilliant. This eliminates the requirements to bring extra cables, which can be easily forgotten or misplaced. Although sufficient, the length of the lightning cable could be longer which would provide better flexibility when charging various devices. The device charge times allow a user to be away for a week or a long weekend depending on your usage and battery efficiency, so if you’re an outdoor person, or on the go frequently, you can definitely enjoy nature while ensuring your power requirements are always met. At the time of writing, the OLALA S100i could be purchased on Amazon.com for $33.99 USD.


  • Built in lightning cable
  • Robust construction and modern Black finish
  • Slightly longer recharge time but twice the capacity
  • Ability to charge two devices simultaneously



  • Length of built in lightning cable could be longer

Highly Recommended



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