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Posted by Damon Bailey on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


ASUS ROG Swift PG27U 4K 144Hz HDR Gaming Monitor

Conclusion….Where to start? Let’s start with the negatives. Okay okay, there really isn’t a direct negative with this monster. It’s $2000 on the street, more than an entire gaming computer setup for many people, but this is a bleeding edge flagship from tomorrow here today checking every box it can find. 4K? Check. HDR? Check. High refresh rate? Yup. IPS panel? That too. Full Array Local Dimming backlight? Only 384 zones. Quantum Dot something-something? Still a check. Aura Sync RGB? If you must. G-sync support? 100%. Asus Rapid Replacement premium warranty? A full three years.

That brings us to negative number 2. Slinging more than 8 million pixels around at up to 144 times a second. It’s certainly no mean feat, but it can be done, for a price. Let’s call it how it is though. If you are looking at the ROG Swift PG27U as anything more serious than your post-Power-Ball winning bucket list, you already have a serious machine to connect this to. That, and the word ‘budget’ probably means settling for 2-day shipping rather than ponying up for overnight.

In all seriousness, the ROG Swift PG27U is an incredible piece of hardware, and just may well be the final piece you need to complete your dream build. Fast paced gaming on it is smooth as silk and the colors and HDR just suck you into the point losing hours of your life to a good game is quite easy to do. It’s really hard to put down in black and white the experience you get from this monitor. It’s just as hard to capture the visuals you experience on camera to display here.

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