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Posted by Paul Malfy on Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 8:00am

Unboxing and Packaging

The front of the package has the classic Republic of Gamers design. On the top right corner we see the ROG eye logo with the Republic of Gamers branding underneath it. Near the center of the box is the Crosshair VI Hero product branding. Along the bottom there is the Asus logo, a mention of the X370 chipset, Ryzen logo, Nvidia SLI logo, AMD Crossfire logo, and Asus Aura Sync logo.

The rear of the box has the ROG eye logo and the Crosshair VI Hero product branding on the top left corner of the package. On the center of the box, there is a depiction Crosshair VI Hero. Behind the picture of the motherboard is a side view of the I/O. Much of the back is dedicated to the full list of specifications of the Crosshair VI Hero. To the far right are pictures of a few of the main features; including a front panel USB 3.1 header, AURA, the new SupremeFX CODEC, and the 3D printer friendly mounts. There is also a mention of the 20% off CableMod cables coupon in the box.

When you lay the box down flat, the front and the right side are the same. Both have the Republic of Gamers eye logo to the far left, followed by the Crosshair VI Hero product branding and the Asus logo to the far right.

On the left side of the package, there are brief descriptions of some of the exclusive Asus features of the motherboard. These include GameFirst IV, SupremeFX Audio, AURA lighting, Asus RAMcache II and the Extreme Engine Digi+ which are described in several languages.

The box has the phrase “The Choice of Champions” printed across the top.

Like all other ROG branded motherboards, the packaging is as nice as the board itself. The board comes in a very sturdy cardboard tray, with a hard-plastic cover, designed to keep the board in place. The top has a piece of cardboard connecting the bottom and the cover of the box. This prevents the cover from opening all the way and holds the cover open like in the picture above.

The inside of the cover has the ROG Eye Logo and the words “Welcome to the Republic”

The Crosshair VI Hero comes packed in a very sturdy cardboard tray.

Underneath the motherboard, the box is broken into three components. These three compartments hold the accessories and paperwork that come with the Crosshair VI Hero. The center has the driver disk, CableMods coupon, the user manual and a coaster. 

The side compartments open to reveal several accessories.

There are plenty of accessories to take in. First off there is a sheet of color coded cable labels  and a sheet of Republic of Gamers decals.

Up next is a set of M.2 stand offs and screws, a HB bridge, four SATA cables (2 x 90° and 2 x straight), and the I/O shield. Finally there is also two stand offs and screws for the Asus 3D printing mount, an LED extension cable, and a small clip for the front panel connections.


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