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Posted by Paul Malfy on Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 8:00am


Asus packages the ROG Crosshair VI Hero with a robust software suite.

Ai Suite 3

Ai Suite 3 is an all-in-one interface that integrates several Asus utilities and allows you to launch and operate these utilities simultaneously. You can essentially set and test your multiplier and voltage and several other settings, usually only found in the BIOS. With their 5-way optimization, Asus allows your system to be automatically overclocked to what the systems feels is the safest, most stable overclock. Unlike with the BIOS, the overclock will reset after each reboot of the PC.

AURA Lighting

Aura Lighting Control software controls the lighting for three independent zones. The motherboard, GPU and Aura RGB strips can be synchronized or set to run independently from each other with different colors and 8 different effects


The RAMDisk software offered on selected Asus ROG product lines and enables users to utilize the available system DRAM to its full capability. The idea is to provide a quick and easy way for users to enhance the performance of their system and durability of their SSD by utilizing the system memory that is not in use.


“A RAMCache II serves as an invisible prioritized hard drive. This hard drive is a cache and contains the most commonly accessed data on system. This cache improves performance by taking over key parts of reading and writing the most accessed data. Minimizing and in some cases eliminating the involvement of considerably slower standard storage options. As the read, write and access time performance of DRAM memory is considerably faster than that of standard storage devices this is where the huge increase in performance comes.”

Mem TweakIt

Mem TweakIt is a system utility designed to manage and view memory timing in a simple and straightforward manner. The application enables you to tweak your memory and test DRAM performance quickly and easily.

Keybot II

KeyBot II is a custom designed hardware Integrated Circuit included on all ROG motherboards. It’s designed to allow any regular USB gaming keyboard can activate some of the special functions of ROG motherboards, perform key macros and multimedia functions.

GameFirst IV

”The ROG Gamefirst is a network optimization technology found in ROG products. The ROG Gamefirst Technology is a combination of hardware and software that optimizes your network to give you best performance during network gaming sessions. Recently it was updated to the 4th Iteration adding a couple of new features to the already robust technology.”

ROG GameFirst has 4 separate modes


Intelligent Mode

  • Automatically learns what is the user’s most frequently used software then optimizes network bandwidth and selects the best network connections

Game Mode

  • Bandwidth priority given to games to enhance your gaming experience.

Media Streaming Mode

  • Network preference given to media streaming programs/apps.

File Sharing Mode

  • Priority given to file sharing

Clone Drive

Clone Drive does exactly that, it allow one to clone their storage drive.


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