ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390 Motherboard Review: Page 10 of 11

Posted by Damon Bailey on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 8:00am

FLIR Thermal Imaging

We’ll start out with a big Thank You to FLIR for sending us the FLIR ONE PRO to assist in this part of the reviews.

About the FLIR ONE PRO:

The FLIR ONE Pro gives you the power to find invisible problems faster than ever. Combining a higher-resolution thermal sensor able to measure temperatures up to 400°C with powerful measurement tools and report generation capability, the FLIR ONE Pro will work as hard as you do. Its revolutionary VividIR™ image processing lets you see more details and provide your customers with proof that you solved their problem right the first time. The updated design includes the revolutionary OneFit™ adjustable connector to fit your phone, without taking the phone out of its compatible protective case. An improved FLIR ONE app lets you measure multiple temperatures or regions of interest at once and stream to your smartwatch for remote viewing. Whether you’re inspecting electrical panels, looking for HVAC problems, or finding water damage, the new FLIR ONE Pro is a tool no serious professional should be without.



Thermal cameras work by converting that heat energy, emitted or reflected by practically everything on earth, into color images. These color images enable anyone to not only see in total darkness and through smoke and haze but to also safely measure temperature without touching a surface. They are sensitive enough to differentiate temperature differences to fractions of a degree.

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390

Want one yourself or want to know more?


Testing environment – approximately 20C/68F

Air Cooled Mode

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390

With our i9-9900k overclocked to 5.0Ghz to put a good load on the VRM, we see the VRM’s exterior surface only hitting about 38C.

Water Cooled

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390

After turning on the water-cooling loop to the VRM, we see the VRM’s temps drop several degrees under the same heavy load. This VRM runs quite a bit cooler than the Maximus X Formula’s setup.


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