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Posted by Damon Bailey on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex X299 Motherboard

ASUS set out to make THE best overclocking platform for Intel’s X299 ecosystem and we have to say, they more than accomplished their mission. While we didn’t score first place in all of the stock benchmark runs, this board isn’t meant to be daily driver. Its prowess is overclocking and breaking records, and this is exactly where it shines. We hit some personal best scores and best overclocks, and broke most of our own records with this board. It’s also readily apparent that overclocking to the limits of even high end liquid cooling isn’t putting a dent in what the Apex is truly capable of.
If sub-ambient cooling isn’t your cup of tea, and you just want to use liquid cooling to push your hardware to its limits, the Rampage VI Apex is more than accommodating. A plethora of liquid specific features such as flow meter connections and temp probe inputs will allow you to keep tabs on every aspect of your liquid cooling system. Never had enough fan connections but hate using standalone controllers? Never fear, a dozen 4-pin connections, some high-power capable for direct control of pumps and AiO coolers are found around the board about everywhere.

While some users may be put off by the lack of a full 8 DIMM sockets, you can still install 64GB of memory which is fine for all but the extreme minority of users. The quad M.2 sockets provided by the unique Dimm.2 adapters mean you can load up quite the pile of storage while taking advantage of technologies like bottleneck eliminating VROC and caching tech like Optane memory technology. And yes, you can still connect SATA drives if you really must. Aesthetics are top notch, and while some don’t appreciate the latest RGB craze, it is tastefully done here and the addition of hardware disable jumpers for all zones means you can blackout your build before you even power it on the first time.

All in all, we can’t find a single negative thing to say about ASUS’s ROG Rampage VI Apex. The $430 street price we feel is actually almost a bargain considering the feature list and pedigree, not to mention the raw potential. With all the above, we only have one title for this board. Elite Hardware. Great Job ASUS!

Proclockers Elite Hardware Award

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