ASUS ROG Z270 Maximus IX Formula Motherboard Review: Page 5 of 9

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Posted by Paul Malfy on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 - 12:00pm

The Accessories

ASUS ROG Z270 Maxiumus IX Formula Motherboard

Like all other ROG boards, the Maximus Formula IX comes with an array of accessories. Including my personal favorite, a full sheet of Stickers!

The Maximus IX Formula come with a number of accessories. However, this is expected of an ROG branded motherboard. As the board has built in WIFI, its expected to have a WIFI antenna, There is also the sled thats required to use the second M.2 slot. There is also a non-RGB High Bandwidth SLI bridge for the Pascal GPUs. Asus also included a quick connect for the front panel connectors. I never used to use these before, but they do come in handy and make connecting the front panel connectors much easier.

One thing I have been seeing more and more with motherboard is the CPU installation tool. It’s mean to make installing the CPU easier. However, I’ve never used one before. Like most boards, there are 3, 2-packs of your standard SATA cables. Since this board includes RGB headers, they also include RGB extension cables. I mentioned my excitement already for the sheet of ROGF stickers. Along with the sheet of stickers, there are also stickers for labeling the wires. This can greatly help with cable management, either behind the PC or motherboard tray. There is a driver disk that includes all drivers and utilities, a coaster and the user manual. You can also get the drivers and utilities from the Maximus IX Formula product page.


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