BIOSTAR B360GT3S Motherboard Review

Posted by Damon Bailey on Friday, August 24, 2018 - 8:00am


BIOSTAR B360GT3S Motherboard

Intel’s home and small business-oriented chipset, B360, was released much later in the 300 series lifecycle than the top end Z370. BIOSTAR harnesses that productivity and media-oriented platform for an affordable but still quite capable gaming platform with the B360GT3S. packed with gamer-friendly features such as 5050 LED Fun Zone powered by VIVID LED DJ that allows full RGB LED control, dual M.2 slots and even Iron Slot Protection for heavy graphics cards, BIOSTAR adds performance and quality features for maximum system performance and stability.


ProClockers would like to thank BIOSTAR for sending the B360GT3S over to check out!


BIOSTAR’s take on the B360GT3S:
Keep RACING, Keep Shining!


RACING Motherboards with Intel B360 Chipset Light up your Gaming Life!

BIOSTAR B360GT3S Motherboard

BIOSTAR B360GT3S Motherboard



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