Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard Review: Page 9 of 9

Posted by James Keir on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Gigabyte has brought their Aorus brand over to the new Z390 chipset and upgraded its power delivery system, which helps you get the most of Intel’s 9th generation of chips. Some of the features I really love about the Aorus Pro is the included thermal guards on both M.2 ports, the newly styled PCIe slot armor, and its upgraded 13 phase power delivery system.

With the new Intel 8 core processors requiring exceptional power delivery, the Aorus Pro has you covered with it's upgraded 12 + 1 digital CPU power design and optimized CPU power delivery plane with 2x copper PCB.  Gigabyte has advertised the Z390 boards as able to get 5GHz across all cores and this held true with my 9900k. For some reason, AutoTune didn’t like our 9900K but It was fairly easy to manually tune my processer and achieve a stable 5GHz across all cores and maintaining an acceptable temperature during stress testing. Not only did the Aorus Pro do a great job at overclocking it also performed extremely well in our benchmark tests and even earned some top scores against other high-end motherboards. Its only hiccup was in some of our memory tests which posted lower than normal scores. Even with this anomaly, it seemed to have little to no impact in our gaming benchmarks.

Overall the Z390 Aorus Pro is a solid board and has enabled me to get the most out of my 9900K. Not only did it perform well, but it also looked great on my test bench. This board is an exceptional mid-range board with the performance that you would expect from Aorus branded boards.

Great job Gigabyte!


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