MSI B150M Mortar Motherboard Review

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Posted by Michael Pabia on Monday, April 18, 2016 - 10:00am


MSI B150M Mortar

Plan on building an Intel 1151 gaming machine but on a budget? Intel's B150 chipset offers good hardware support without the hefty price tag most Z170 motherboards have. The B150 chipset offers what an average gamer need without going overboard. If you are looking for a good motherboard for your gaming build, you might want to check out the MSI B150M Mortar motherboard. Follow us as we check it out today.

MSI's Take on the B150M MORTAR

Non-Stop Gaming

Equip yourself with the MSI Arsenal GAMING Series motherboards to improve your game. MSI Arsenal GAMING Series motherboards are covered in full black camouflage with LED ambient lights and is packed with gaming features, making them the perfect weapon to dominate the battlefield.

Unmatched Memory Performance and Stability

With traditional memory design the memory signals are often distorted by electromagnetic signals from other components, making the system perform slower or become unstable. MSI introduces DDR4 Boost technology with optimized traces and fully isolated memory circuitry. This design ensures the memory signals stay pure for optimal performance and stability.

An added XMP LED highlights an active Extreme Memory Profile for the best memory speed and stability setting.

Gaming LED Effect

The Arsenal GAMING Series motherboards come with LEDs on the back of the motherboard to let you fully enjoy the gaming side of things. Like war paint, turn them on for the full Arsenal GAMING experience and you are ready to dominate any battlefield.

Gaming LAN

Dominate the game with lowest latency. Get ready to crush your enemies on the battlefield with MSI® GAMING LAN, featuring carefully selected components to ensure the best online gaming experience without lag.

Gaming Optimized Bandwidth Management

Dedicated to giving you the best online gaming experience with optimized traffic prioritization and low latency, MSI GAMING LAN Manager automatically classifies and prioritizes the latency-sensitive applications for online games.

You can read on the full motherboard features and specifications at the MSI website.




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