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Posted by Michael Pabia on Monday, April 18, 2016 - 10:00am

Software and Utilities

Hardware brands have their own set of utilities that goes along with their motherboards. Based on my experience, its either a hit or miss thing. Sometimes they really come in handy and help the user a lot. Sometimes it just something I won't even recommend installing wherein it slows your computer or even make anomalies with the operating system. Either way, these are included and should be covered in the review. While some would say it's totally not necessary to install any of these but that's not the case every time.

Live Update 6

I have experienced the benefits of the Live Update 6 utility of MSI since the Z97 boards and I have to say this is one that I would recommend installing. If you want your drivers updated regularly, this is the utility to use.

MSI B150M Mortar

However, I do not like automatic updates wherein it just pops-up randomly and does the update while you are probably working on something. It does ask you before it reboots your system but to be safe, just put it on manual updates under the SETTING tab. The HISTORY tab will show you the history of updates made using the utility while the SYSTEM INFORMATION tab shows you a list of hardware and the driver versions on each hardware. To do an update, you can manually or automatically scan and install new drivers when detected. The utility might require you to reboot the system a couple of times depending on the number of new drivers installed. This tool can even update the BIOS version of the motherboard which works like a charm. If you do not like manually updating the BIOS of the motherboard wherein you need to download and flash the BIOS at the BIOS page, this utility can do everything for you in just a few clicks.

Gaming Hotkey

MSI B150M Mortar

This utility is rather new and I haven't seen this included with the Z97 boards from MSI. It basically allows you to use basic keys and key combinations as hotkeys you can use for gaming and other purposes.

Gaming APP

MSI B150M Mortar

The Gaming APP is a simple utility that enables you to switch modes in a jiffy. It basically works like the windows power options, it just gave you a shortcut and a dashboard for it.

Gaming LAN Manager

MSI B150M Mortar

The Gaming LAN Manager provides information of the ethernet status such a bandwidth speeds and prioritization settings.



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