MSI X99A Tomahawk LGA 2011 DDR4 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard Review

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Posted by Damon Bailey on Friday, December 16, 2016 - 8:00am


MSI X99A Tomahawk Motherboard

A motherboard is one of the most critical components in any PC to get right. Nearly everything in a modern PC is connected directly to the motherboard, CPU, RAM, GPU, Drives, USB Ports, Audio cables, and so on, so it’s pretty important you get something reliable and with enough features and connections for everything you need. The Flip side of that coin is the staggering selection of boards out there, with literally hundreds of choices, some costing more than a mortgage payment on a house, how does a gamer decide what to get? MSI has broken their new lineups into 3 new categories to help you narrow it down.

Leading the pack, with a price tag to match, are the Enthusiast Gaming level boards for the elite few who can have zero compromises. Playing for honor and the top spot on the leaderboards, these gamers often have the best graphics cards, fastest CPU’s and the best ram money can buy to help them dominate the competition.

In the middle of the pack are the Performance Gaming boards where a unique and customizable system is top of the list, but performance and reliability is also key, such as the MMO or MOBA gamer. As these gamers spend most of their time playing online, performance networking is a must have feature.

Last but not least, the Arsenal Series boards target the Casual gamer. MSI defines this as gamers who play 2 or less hours per day, and play to unwind or socialize rather than further their reputation as a top gamer. Equipped with basic features to make a stable and reliable platform, such as DDR4 Boost, EZ Debug LED’s, you also get just a few extras such as ambient lighting to make the inside of you case look great. These boards are affordable, but FAR from budget on the features and quality list.

With a huge thanks to MSI for sending us over a sample to check out, today we will be taking a good look at an Arsenal series board, the MSI X99A Tomahawk. Let’s see what it has in store for us.

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“As a world leading gaming brand, MSI keeps raising the bar in design and innovation of its GAMING Series products and has been a long-term sponsor of global eSports teams. Outstanding teamwork of MSI's senior R&D staff and professional gamers culminates in the creation of every MSI GAMING product. At the core of MSI's innovation remains an unwavering commitment to provide Top Player with Top Choice products. Apart from its partnership with more than 15 pro-gaming teams around the world, MSI is also an active participant in international gaming tournaments and the host of MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena, a world-renowned gaming event. Thrilling in quality and performance, the MSI GAMING Series has proven to meet the most demanding tournament needs, bringing out pro-gamers’ best performance and leading them to one victory after another in the global eSports scene. All the above accounts for dominant eSports teams' and professional gamers’ trust and decision to choose the MSI GAMING Series that helps them achieve more in their quest for world championship.”



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