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Posted by Heath Coop on Monday, February 13, 2017 - 8:13am


We’ve recently changed how we test overclocking performance. With newer BIOS and software becoming increasingly more capable of doing overclocking, it seems pertinent to also include those results.

Overclocking – BIOS

MSI offers one-click overclocking via the Game Boost setting. Our i7 7700K was automatically overclocked to a respectable 4.8 GHz and with just a touch over 1.3v on the core.

Overclocking - Manual

I started out configuring the i7 7700K at its default settings with the BIOS. Once the default settings were in, it was now time to see how high I could push the CPU with our water cooling system and have it still be 100% stable. All cores and hyperthreading were still enabled. The memory was left at XMP default.

Our retail Core i7 7700K isn’t quite as capable of an overclocker as the engineering sample Core i7 7700K we tested a short time ago. We still managed to squeeze 5.2 Ghz out. The voltage is a bit high at 1.45v, but with some finer tuning, a bit more reasonable voltage might be able to be attained.

Both solutions were rather easy, with Game Boost offering a good combination of clock and core votage.


Now normally we don’t test memory overclocking when reviewing motherboards, but we wanted to try out MSI’s DDR4 Boost/Memory Try It! feature to see what it could do. I settled on Crucial’s Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 2400 MHz dual channel kit for the test. Up first, we have the stock speed and timings.

That’s a nice boost and it was easy to achieve, just pick the setting and reboot. If the setting doesn’t work, this motherboard will let you know. Results will vary by the memory used, of course and memory with clocks at 2666 MHz or below seem to benefit the most. If you’re looking for a boost in memory speed, DDR4 Boost/Memory Try It! is certainly with a try.


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