MSI Z270 SLI Plus Motherboard Review: Page 9 of 9

Posted by Heath Coop on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 - 12:15pm

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

MSI Z270 SLI Plus Motherboard

The MSI Z270 SLI Plus offers quite the bang for the buck. Throughout the testing the Z270 SLI Plus showed mostly well above average scores. Storage performance was quite good as well. The overclocking ability of the Z270 SLI Plus is impressive for a sub $150 motherboard. 4.9 GHz was quite easy thanks to the well laid-out Click BIOS 5. There’s very few that would feel comfortable dumping 1.4-1.5 volts into their Skylake on a daily basis, though Kabylake might be a bit easier to reach the higher clocks. A 4.4 GHz clock speed with 1.3v would be better suited for a system that sees daily use.

I really like the cleanliness of the black and silver color scheme. The all-white LED lighting further enhances that look. MSI has been very thoughtful in designing one very handsome motherboard. The same thoughtfulness that appears in those also extends to the motherboard layout as well. Not a single switch, header, or jack seems to be poorly placed. I am a little lost as to the layout of the SATA ports however. That certainly wouldn’t deter me from purchasing it though.

We don’t currently have a MSRP for the MSI Z270 SLI Plus at this time. The previous generation Z170 SLI Plus is going for around $139.99 and we suspect the pricing for the Z270 SLI Plus will be close to the same. I think that is a fair price. Add in MSI’s 3 year warranty and the Z270 SLI is bound to find many a new home. Based on the previous pricing model, we are going to go ahead and give the Z270 SLI our Best Value award.


  • Understated Color Scheme
  • Excellent Gaming Performance
  • Good Overclocking Ability
  • Well Thought-out Features and Utilities
  • RGB LED Case Lighting Control
  • Reasonable Price


  • None

 Best Value