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Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 9:02am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon

As with any new platform, you’ll likely see some improvements made in the coming days via driver updates and new firmware’s, but right out of the gate MSI has produced a solid gaming motherboard. Coupled with Intel’s latest 8th generation CPUs, MSI provides a great gaming experience as reflected in our testing.  Many gamers value aesthetics as a close second behind the performance. Couple great performances with attractive carbon fiber accented neutral color scheme and you have a winner. MSI provides the latest features, technology, and connectivity for an unbeatable gaming experience.

Overclocking went smoothly for us on the Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC. Game Boost is always one of the very easiest to use self-overclocking tools out there. Intel’s i7-8700K is already pretty high-strung, capable of hitting 4.7Ghz out of the box, but Game Boost did manage to take every single core to a solid 4.8Ghz. Overclocking to 5.1 GHz by hand proved to be 100% stable, and the board never batted an eye. The VRM heatsinks were always cold to the touch, even after several benchmarks run, and that is on an open air test bench with almost no ambient airflow. The board feels well built and should provide the foundation to one great gaming machine, so we highly recommend you give this board a look if you are planning an Intel 8th gen update or build.

Good job MSI!


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