Anonabox Fawkes Wi-Fi TOR Router Review: Page 4 of 6

Posted by Stephen Bonnell on Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 8:00am


From previous reviews, I knew I was going to be impressed by the features and easy use of the Anonabox FawkesTOR Router. It is running a version of OpenWRT, which is an Open Source Router Operating System that is extremely robust and quite popular.

When you first boot up your Anonabox, and connect to the IP address given in the Manual, you are displayed this nice welcome screen with some basic instructions. The manual will walk you through how to set up your Router very easily.

After the welcome screen, you are told to login, and then prompted to set an Administrator password for both web login, and SSH access. You are also given the option to add SSH RSA keys to secure access that way as well.

The core component of the Anonabox Fawkes, is it’s built in Tor Client, that any of the router’s connections can be routed through. The guys over at Anonabox have built a very simple and easy to use web interface for setting up and getting started with TOR. It’s as simple hitting restart TOR after setting up your Wi-Fi or Ethernet WAN link, and you’re good to go.

Besides the basic default configuration that the Anonabox Fawkes is shipped with, they give you the option of using a proxy or custom bridge, or if you are well versed with setting up TOR, you can go straight to the Advanced Configuration page and set it up exactly how you want.

These are some of the menu’s available to you, to help configure your Anonabox exactly how you want it. From configuring TOR, to bridging Wi-Fi to an Ethernet connection, to setting custom firewall rules, the Anonabox Fawkes really can do almost anything you could desire of a router.

It took me a whole five minutes to setup the Anonabox Fawkes to extend my Home Wi-Fi to the Ethernet port, and to my laptop. I’m extremely impressed with how easy this piece of hardware is to use.


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