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Posted by Stephen Bonnell on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 8:00am

Performance and Conclusion

Alright, so we all know that a router is useless if it doesn’t pass the packets fast enough without adding a lot of latency. So how did the Anonabox do??

I have to say I’m extremely impressed. In the location I tested I normally get 30/30 Mbps with the AC Wireless in my laptop. With that disabled and the Tunneler extending my Home Wi-Fi to the Ethernet port and then to my laptop, I got a very respectable 25/36 Mbps. I also noticed that there was zero increased ping using the Anonabox over my laptop’s built in AC Wireless.

That said, this is a VPN Router, so it would be foolish not to test it out with one of their VPN offers.

Using HideMyAss!, connected to a local VPN Server, and SpeedTesting the same server as the initial test, I managed to get 7.5/6.5 Mbps with a small 40ms additional ping. I’m actually extremely impressed with how capable the Anonabox Tunneler is, even with the overhead of a VPN. Yes, it lost a good chunk of the upload and download speeds, but that is to be expected with any setup over VPN, no matter what hardware you use.


Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Anonabox Tunneler Wi-Fi VPN Router. Its size is absolutely perfect for its intended use, for people on the go worried about security. The clear and very intuitive OpenWRT web interface makes it extremely simple to setup and manage, especially with the superb included manual that literally walks you through every step.

The Tunneler performs very well as both a VPN router, or even just a Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge. The throughput is plenty for any normal web activities, even gaming if you are worried about being DDOS’ed, even though that’s not it’s intended purpose.

If I was asked to really nitpick the Tunneler, I think the only thing I didn’t care for, was the lack of an included Ethernet Cable. Otherwise I honestly see nothing to really criticize about the Anonabox Tunneler.

The Anonabox Tunneler Wi-Fi VPN Router can be purchased either through Anonabox directly, or via Amazon for $99.


  • Compact Size
  • Intuitive Web Interface
  • Superb Included User Manual
  • Included Trials for BOTH HideMyAss! and VyprVPN


  • No Included Ethernet Cable

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