Corsair SF750 80 PLUS Platinum SFX 750W Power Supply: Page 6 of 6

Posted by Damon Bailey on Monday, November 18, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Corsair delivers an impressive little package with the SF750. There aren’t a ton of higher wattage Small Form-Factor power supplies on the market, and most of the ones in this wattage range are a large SFX-L form-factor. The fact that packed 750 watts of 80+ Platinum power into an SFX unit a scant 10cm long is very impressive. Throw in the fact that it runs cool, quiet and stable makes it perfectly capable of handling about any system you want from large desktops with a pair of GPUs’ to a workstation build with more CPU cores than you can count. It’s hard to get excited about power supplies, as long as you have a quality unit you are pretty good, but getting so much from so little should excite any SFF builder out there.

Great job Corsair!