Cougar CMX v3 850 Watt Power Supply Overlook

Posted by on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 4:33am


Frequent readers of Pro-Clockers know that Cougar is no stranger to power supplies and cases. We have been presenting you with their top products over the past year. Many of the products have been targeted toward the mid-range gamers out there. Rightfully so, as this is the largest genre of gamers out there. But Cougar knows there are those that want and demand more in a product especially when it comes to power supplies considering power supplies are one of the most important components of a PC.

And with that all being say Cougar has send over their newest power supplies. The new CMX v3 is aimed at the most demanding gamer in us. Ideal for those that run multi-GPU rigs and high-end storage systems, the CMX v3 is said to take on all PC user needs while being super-efficient and doing it quietly. So, let’s see just what the CMX is made of.

Cougar‘s take on CMX v.3

New high-end series of power supplies specifically target demanding gamers, the COUGAR CMX V3 series. The 80Plus Bronze certified CMX V3 series provides up to 88% peak efficiency. The advanced cable management solution allows users to only use those cables their peripherals actually need, thereby effectively reducing cable mess while at the same time improving air circulation and ventilation within the case. The attractive black and orange metallic coating in combination with the honeycomb-shaped vent holes add to the overall robust and aggressive appearance of these units, thereby effectively increasing the game-style looks. COUGAR CMX power supply, your best choice.



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