SILVERSTONE ST1500-GS 1500W 80 Plus Gold PSU Review: Page 6 of 7

Posted by Mark Taliaferro on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 8:00am

Testing & Performance

We measure the voltage from the wall for total voltage pulled and measure the voltage from the 24pin ATX connector.

Power Output Results(V)

Power Consumption (W From Wall) 251W 356W 556W 610W 850W
3.3v 3.36 3.37 3.36 3.34 3.32
5v 5.09 5.10 5.08 5.10 5.07
12v 12.29 12.32 12.33 12.24 12.18


Power Measurements

At 251W we were stressing the CPU with two 1080Ti installed but not stressing. We got a reading of 3.36 on the 3.3V and at maximum tolerance (3% over) we can hit 3.39 and be smack on 3% over so 3.36 is under the rated 3%. We ran the 5V at 251W and maximum tolerance would be 5.15V (3% over or under) and the 5.09V result we got is well under the 3% advertised specification. Running the 12V at 251W we got 12.29V and maximum allowable would be 12.36V so we are good at 251W.

Overclocked to 5GHz the 7800K was pulling 356W from the wall and the 3.3V line was at 3.37V within our 3% tolerance as was the 5V and 12V measurements.

With 556W wall consumption (1 GPU and CPU stressed), we read 3.36V on the 3.3V line and 5.08 on the 5V line and the 12V ran 12.33V all well within the 3% tolerance.

Pulling 610W with an OC'd CPU and one GPU OC'd the 3.3V line tightened down to 3.34 while the 5V went to 5.10v and the 12V hit 12.24V again all well within the 3% rated specifications.

Finally, we OC'd the CPU to 5GHz and both 1080Ti's OC'd in SLI and managed to pull 850W and as expected at a higher voltage we the SilverStone 1500W PSU's lines just tightened down more which is pretty normal for high quality power supplies. The more wattage you pull the tighter the rails get as they are designed to be more efficient at higher wattages.

Noise Levels

Our testing equipment registers at 30dBA up to 130dBA (VLIKE LCD Digital Audio Decibel Meter) and with no chassis fans we couldn't get a reading so the 135mm fan was whisper quiet. 

Heat Exhaust

After running with CPU and SLI 1080 Ti's stressing for an hour we read an exhaust temperature of 43o


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