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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 8:00am
Cooler Master V750 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supply Review

No matter how affordable or how epically expensive you build is, it’s only as good as the power it’s using. While we would all love to have those monster power supplies with matching price tags to ensure we have bullet-proof power delivery, most of us don’t need 1000+ watts. Does that mean you should settle for a lower quality unit? Cooler Master says absolutely not! Introducing the new V Gold series power supply family. Featuring all the professional grade perks like heavy 16-gauge PCIe cables, single-rail DC-DC technology, semi-fanless operation, 100% Japanese capacitors, fully modular cables and a 10-year warranty to back it all up, the V Gold series is done playing around.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 8:00am
FSP HYDRO PTM+ 1200W Liquid-Cooled Power Supply

Quick, what’s your first thought when you hear “liquid-cooled Power Supply”? We won’t fault you if your first thought is something along the lines of this being a terrifying way to earn a Darwin award, but we can assure you this is perfectly safe, and approved by about every safety agency that matters. If you are of the type that is instantly intrigued by the thought of one more heat producing device integrated into your loop, keep reading. What if I told you this power supply can be overclocked? Okay, maybe not in the traditional sense measured in hertz, but you can get a couple hundred more watts out of it if it’s being liquid cooled. FSP even includes everything needed for a loop in this kit to get you up and going in case you aren’t already running a custom loop. Did we mention 80+ Platinum efficiency, a full set of single sleeved and fully modular cables and Aura sync compatible RGB lighting? Let’s go check it out!

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 8:00am
Cooler Master MWE Gold Series 750W Power Supply

The power supply in a computer is arguably the most important part of any machine and requires careful consideration. If you go too cheap, you risk a short lifespan and an ending that often takes a large part of your system out with it. Go too expensive and you are getting features you’ll never use and an efficiency level that costs more than the power you’ll save over a lifetime of use. Don’t fret, there is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle and Cooler Master is here to show you what it looks like. Introducing the new MWE Gold series. The MWE Gold series delivers everything you expect from a top tier power supply like consistent 90% efficacy, quiet and cool operation, a powerful single rail design and advanced circuitry for reliable and stable operation.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 8:00am
Enermax Platimax D.F. 1200W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply

Enermax has been making power supplies since the early 90’s so it’s really no surprise to see much of their lineup landing in the top levels of the 80+ efficiency range. It takes a lot of good engineering to maintain such an extremely high-efficiency rating under a heavy load. Here we find that Enermax has taken its flagship Platimax lineup and married to another of their technologies, the D.F.R. fans. The Dust Free Fans spin in reverse at startup to blow all the accumulated dust back off of the fan blades. Marry all of this to a fully modular platform and you have the new Platimax D.F. family of power supplies. Today we’ll be taking a look at the largest in the family, the 1200W Platimax D.F. Platinum.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 8:00am
NZXT E850 850W Modular Digital Power Supply

NZXT is no stranger to power supplies, having several models launch over the years, the last of which was nearly two years ago, but it is not really what they are known for. You probably think of cases and RGB fans when you think of NZXT, but with the help of power supply juggernaut Seasonic, NZXT is jumping back in the power supply world with a big hammer, or three of them to be precise. Available in 500W, 650W and 850W capacities, the new E-series power supplies feature a fully modular cable system, digital DSP monitoring, and control through its CAM utility, 80+ Gold certification, and 105C rated Japanese capacitors all under a 10-year warranty.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Monday, April 16, 2018 - 8:00am

Gamdias’s ‘Gaming art in motion’ philosophy has resulted in some great peripherals such as keyboards, mice and headsets since their inception in 2012, but recently they’ve expanded to the chair under you, and now, computer internals. Today we’ll be taking a look at a new power supply, the Astrape P1-750W. Going for gold, the Astrape P1-750W features 100% modular cables, 100% Japanese capacitors, one of the best warranties in the industry with a full decade of zero worries, a beautiful Neon-Flex RGB equipped cooling solution, and yes, it is even 80+ Gold rated as well. Is there anything left to want or should this be your next power supply? Let's find out!

Posted by Mark Taliaferro
on Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 8:00am
Cooler Master MasterWatt 750

Cooler Master is well known for their affordable high-quality products and when others seek to maximize profit Cooler Master steadfastly maintains high-quality affordable products for the everyday person. In this case, they sent us the Cooler Master MasterWatt 750 Watt Semi-Fanless 80 PLUS Bronze PSU to review and we’ve seen it peek its head out at $79.99 which is a tough price point to fight for with many selections at 750W and in that same price point bracket. Often non-nerds overlook the need for a high-quality dependable PSU and end up with something on sale to save a few bucks but power supplies are probably the last place you should worry about scrimping on money. It is essential that the heart of your machine (the PSU) is high quality, dependable and sufficient size. Pick too small a PSU or the on sale $19 off brand low-quality PSU and you stand the chance of frying all that expensive hardware for the lack of a few bucks on a well chosen PSU.