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Posted by Ransley Garrow on Friday, December 9, 2016 - 8:00am

About the Game

Watch Dogs 2 PC Game Review

Blume CTO Dusan Nemec


Watch Dogs 2

Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher Ubisoft
Rating M (Mature)

Set after the events of Chicago, Blume has introduced ctOS 2.0. With data collection at an all time high you are introduced to the main character Marcus Holloway or as he is known in the hacker community Retr0. His exploits have piqued the interest of Dedsec and for his final test they have him break into the Blume Corporation and delete his ctOS profile, which the members claim has never been done. After breaking into Blume and successfully deleting his profile Marcus is then welcomed into Dedsec, the core members being Wrench, Josh, Sitara and Horatio.

The members of Dedsec plan how they will bring down Blume, it is here you are introduced to the mission system. The missions are set of mini stories that aren't connected and outside of the main missions can be played in any order at any time. Some missions require uncovering intel through out the world though. The purpose of these missions is to gain followers, as Dedsec gains followers people download the Dedsec app. The application turns the device that downloaded it into a zombie as part of the Dedsec botnet.

Eventually Marcus is lead to check out unusual activity on the Dedsec network, Josh has discovered that there is a spike in followers and computing power that appears to be coming from the social media app !NViTE, which is essentially Facebook. After breaking into the CEO's office he comes face to face with Dusan Nemec whom is the CTO of the Blume Corporation. During which Marcus learns this was all a setup, Blume was trying to get to Dedsec so they faked deleting Marcus' profile and allowed the backdoor to exist.

After rallying the demoralized group Dedsec discover the truth that Blume has been using the space launch company Galilei to launch satellites as a way for them to bypass the undersea cables that carry the internet and control all data on a global scale. After breaking into Galilei and adding a modified board to the satellite that allows Dedsec to hack them from orbit you learn that Blume has been using Bellwether to control the world. After outing !NViTE for manipulating social feeds to get people to support Mark Thruss, you then prove that Nemec was behind everything. He gets arrested and Dedsec vows to continue fighting Blume and ctOS 2.0.

The main plot itself is interspersed among conversation after missions between Dedsec members. This game expects you to pay attention, if you zone out during intro segment it is easy to miss out that while the missions and activities are all self contained they serve one goal; to build up the Dedsec botnet. The conspiracy elements are interesting and Ubisoft did a nice job pulling from real life conspiracy theories and accusations. The concepts of hacking are also interesting though it has the hollywood approach for execution. The characters themselves are also unique and have personality, however again its like Ubisoft googled some Anonymous and 4Chan memes, then watched the movie Hackers a couple of times.


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