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Posted by Damon Bailey on Friday, June 14, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

iStorage diskAshur2 2TB USB 3.1 Portable Encrypted Hard Drive

iStorage’s diskAshur2 fills a growing niche in the industry for a portable data vault. There are tons of software solutions out there, but if you watch the news, there is precious little ‘unbreakable’ software that isn’t compromised in one form or another in its life cycle, and yes, I’m looking at you TrueCrypt. While software may take a while to be broken, once it is, almost everything ever protected by it is instantly vulnerable. Hardware encryption, on the other hand, is more one-off in its vulnerabilities. Clever malicious users may find a way to break into a device once, but it can only be done in person, and really only applies to that particular physical device.
While a government intelligence agency may have the resources to devote to breaking one device over the next few years since that particular device is known or believed to contain something worthwhile for reasons that probably include the word treason, your average hacker is going to go after something worth their time rather than the unknown contents of a single portable drive from John Doe. With all the squishy software targets out there, it kind of makes sense right? Sure, there are cloud solutions for moving data around, but nothing really beats having those critical ones and zeros right there in your hand anywhere you go and knowing that it's secure enough that government agencies have certified it safe enough for their own use.
Performance wise, the diskAshur is right where you expect a portable hard drive to be. If you need more speed, they do offer an SSD based solution, the diskAshur2 SSD. With capacities up to 5TB, you can securely carry a spectacular amount of data with you. Our only real complaint would be the USB cable. It’s short, which is a minor annoyance for desktop use over a laptop, but the fact it is not user replaceable is a double whammy. If something happens to it, you are in trouble. Less critical but still an annoyance is the fact that it is only a full-sized USB type-A. the great thing about a hardware-secured drive is that no software is needed which means it can be used with about any device that supports USB bulk storage. The bad part is, this includes mobile devices that probably have slim/micro-sized USB ports. Sure you can use an adapter, but it's one more thing to carry and lose. We would really love to see the drive have a Type-C port for durability, and include a couple of different replaceable cables so you can keep your most needed one stored on the side of the drive. It’s minor, but it's all that’s keeping this from being the perfect product for a security-minded individual.

Great job iStorage!

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