Transcend StoreJet 25H3 1TB Portable Hard Drive Review: Page 4 of 7

Posted by Charles Gantt on Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 8:00am

A Closer Look

Of all of the portable hard drives I have owned over the years, the StoreJet 25H3 definitely feels like the most rugged. In the image above you can see the vibrant blue silicone casing that protects the drive from impacts. This grey and blue jacket also makes the drive very slip-resistant. 

A look at the back reveals a textured surface that aids in the drives anti-slip feature. The device’s model and serial number can also be found on the back as well. 

A shot from the drives top shows off the microUSB 3.0 connector. If you look closely you will also see the profile of the event button located on the drives face. 

Finally a shot of the drives event button. Note that when in use, it illuminates. Before we move on to testing, let's take a moment to check out the software that ships with the drive.