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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Monday, January 14, 2019 - 8:00am
Zotac ZBOX CI660 Nano Mini PC

A Mini-PC typically appeals to anyone wanting small, silent and low power for general daily computing tasks. While this is perfectly fine in principle, it means you typically have to compromise down to something so underpowered you can literally only browse the web or update a spreadsheet, and just forget about upgrades. Processor advancements over the last several years have given you the ability to decode and play most of your media thanks to hardware CODECs on the above machine, but not much more. This has been a stereotype for years and Zotac just smashed that restrictive mold in one fell swoop with the all-new ZBOX C-Series Mini-PC. It might be low power and 100% passively cooled, but power is not something it lacks with configurations up to an Intel 8th generation Core i7 CPU inside. Can you really have your cake and eat it too? We’ll find out!

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 8:00am
ECS Liva Z2 Mini PC

ECS is no stranger to the mini-PC world and the LIVA family spans the entire range from pocket-sized highly integrated systems like the LIVA Q through the cost-effective X series and the Energy Efficient Z series up to the sill tiny but full-featured desktops in the LIVA One family. Today we’ll be taking a look at the new LIVA Z2. The LIVA Z2 is an easily upgradeable fanless PC that sips a dainty 6 Watts of power but can power through all of your media needs at up to 4K 60Hz. Featuring up to 64Gb on onboard eMMC memory, support for a 2.5” drive, user replaceable dual-channel ddr4 SO-DIMM memory and an M.2 Wi-Fi module, the LIVA Z2 can grow with your needs.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 8:00am

With all of the high powered, extreme frame crunching, Super Ultra Multi-tasking hardware that comes through here, we sometimes forget that’s only a relatively small part of the market. More often, you just need to browse the web, edit a document, print a recipe, or play your favorite video or TV episode without the jet engine roar of cooling fans, light dimming power consumption, and bank account crippling cost associated with the above. ECS has managed to stuff the power to play 4K videos on a full-featured PC into something smaller than the mouse we are using to control it but without the typical limitations of most tiny media devices.

Posted by William Lyon
on Monday, November 3, 2014 - 8:00am

Quiet computing is all the rage these days. Everyone's getting tired of the noise that comes with the natural evolution of more powerful computing. Antec however has a solution for you in the form of quiet computing components. Included are case fans, CPU coolers, power supplies, cases and other products to help you cut down on the noise output from your PC. They were kind enough to send us over a bundle of goodies to check out, so let's get to it!

Posted by
on Friday, July 27, 2012 - 2:20pm

Giada A51One device we did not mention is the computer. A PC is the most cost effective way of connecting to the TV and not only being able to display your pictures, stream your videos and listen to your music but after you have done all that you can browse the internet maybe even play a game or two. And with a PC being as small or mini as they are they flow with all of the other components that make up your media theatre system without being the center of the setup.

Posted by
on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 8:00am

Sapphire Edge HD Mini PCSapphire's Edge HD2 Mini PC is packed with all the features for daily computing like a 1.8GHz dual core Atom processor (with Hyper Threading), 2GB DDR3 memory, Wi-Fi and support for 1080 video viewing through HDMI. The Edge HD2 looks to be not only the smallest PC but the ideal candidate for a companion to your big screen television. 

Posted by
on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - 4:25pm

Asrock Ion 330 Nettop Our good friends at Asrock as grace us with one of their new Nettop Ion 330. This model is one of two that ASrock produces. The Ion 330 is based on the Nvidia Ion chipset obviously. And the other S330 is based on the Intel 945C chipset. They are both centered center the Intel Atom 330 dual core processor. The feature set of both are pretty similar as they both supply HD 1080P playback through HDMI, slim-line DVD device and a 2.5" hard drive. But the most important features once again are the small size, money saving and light multitasking. So, read on to see if the Nettop Ion 330 is a considerable unit to be place in your entertainment center.

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