FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment Review: Page 2 of 7

Posted by Damon Bailey on Monday, December 11, 2017 - 8:01am

Features & Specifications



VividIR IMAGE PROCESSING - See It & Solve It - Sharpest Mobile Thermal Imaging Performance Lets You Detect Problems with Precision and Accuracy, then Document Your Fix for the Customer

  • Most advanced image resolution enhancement detects the thermal details you need to find problems fast
  • With 160 x 120 thermal resolution, FLIR ONE Pro uses FLIR’s highest resolution micro thermal camera and can measure temperatures as high as 400 °C (752 °F)
  • FLIR MSX® embosses visible edges from the 1440 x 1080 HD camera onto thermal imagery to create a sharper, easier to understand picture

OneFit CONNECTOR - Leave Your Case On - Adjustable Connector Means You Don’t Have to Choose Between Thermal Vision and Safeguarding Your Device when Using Compatible Protective Cases

  • Adjust length of USB-C and Lightning connector up to an additional 4 mm
  • Reversible connectors for Android and iOS
  • Secure the FLIR ONE to your mobile device while keeping your phone safe


HARD-WORKING APP - Work Like a Pro - Work-Based Features Include Advanced Capabilities for More Professional

Problem Solving and Functionality

  • Use multiple real-time spot meters and regions of interest
  • Access real-time thermal tips and tricks in the FLIR ONE app followed by professional reporting through FLIR Tools
  • See around corners and in awkward spaces by connecting to your Apple Watch or Android smartwatch



Image Detail & Clarity

With a 4x improvement in thermal resolution and VividIR™ image processing, FLIR ONE Pro gives you the ability to see more detail, measure smaller components from farther away, and work more safely around energized equipment.



FLIR ONE Pro’s MSX feature takes the edge detail from the color camera and embosses it on top of the thermal image, so you get more image detail than ever in a single image.


Jobsite Tough

FLIR ONE Pro is built to take the abuse that working on a job site dishes out every day. Rated to take a drop from 1.8 meters, FLIR ONE Pro is built to last.


Expanded Measurement

FLIR ONE Pro’s expanded temperature range means you can measure temperatures between -4°F and 752°F (-20° to 400°C). With up to three spot temperature meters and six temperature regions of interest, FLIR ONE Pro gives you added on-the-go image analysis and reporting capability.


OneFit™ Compatibility

The revolutionary OneFit adjustable-height connector ensures that your FLIR ONE Pro will fit your phone or tablet, even when it’s in a compatible case. With OneFit you won’t have to choose between thermal vision and protecting your device.



The upgraded FLIR ONE App offers an account to sign in to enable automatic warranty registration and all the latest updates from FLIR. It is engaging and shows what else you can do with your FLIR ONE. The app connects with smartwatches, includes Tips & Tricks videos, accesses the worldwide FLIR ONE community, and allows sharing to the social media of your choice.