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Posted by James Keir
on Monday, November 11, 2019 - 8:00am

Often when looking for the perfect high-performance GPU for your PC build, you usually have to choose a design that includes over the top RGB or something that has a rather lackluster design. Well XFX has found some middle ground with its new Radeon RX 5700 XT THICC II, which does away with RGB, and instead features a stylish matte black finish with plenty of chrome flair. The RX 5700 XT THICC II features a full metal backplate, XFX’s Double Dissipation fan cooler, a max boost clock of 1980MHz, and includes a 3-year XFX warranty all for a competitive MSRP of $419.

Posted by James Keir
on Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 8:00am

On July 7th AMD did something historic by releasing both Ryzen 3rd generation processors and the highly anticipated Navi RX 5700/5700XT GPU’s which features 7nm technology. Fast forward to a month later and third-party GPU’s started hitting the shelf like ASUS’s new TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700.  The TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700 features a custom 2.7 slot fan cooler, full aluminum backplate, a 1750 MHz boost clock, and is a member of the TUF gaming alliance. Being a part of the TUF Gaming Alliance, the TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700 is guaranteed to be compatible with other TUF components and also maintains the TUF aesthetic so it matches other TUF hardware. Like many third-party cards, the TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700 comes in at a slight premium over reference cards but still remains affordable with an MSRP of $379.

Posted by James Keir
on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 8:00am
Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC

With the impending RX 5700/5700XT launch from AMD, Nvidia surprised us all by refreshing their current RTX line of cards with a new set of cards: the RTX 2060/2070/2080 Super. These new cards come with more CUDA/RT cores, additional texture units, and with the RTX 2060 Super more memory over their predecessors. Like many GPU launches, people wait for cards from third-party companies that have custom designs/coolers, higher factory overclocks, and include additional features such as RGB. Gigabyte is one of those companies with its new RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC which features a custom Windforce 3X cooler, metal protection backplate, and a splash of RGB all for an MSRP of $529.99.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 8:00am
MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super GAMING X TRIO

MSI’s RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio was one of our favorite graphics cards last year for its class-leading performance and stunning good looks, and it’s back again this year with a ‘Super’ upgrade under the hood. Nvidia’s updated RTX Super series cards feature faster memory, faster clocks, and more of all of those cores, CUDA, Tensor and even RT cores for unbeatable performance in the latest games. Do faster memory, more cores, and faster clock speeds really make the perfect Gaming X Trio? Let’s find out!

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Monday, August 12, 2019 - 8:00am

For the past couple of graphics generations, EVGA’s ‘Black’ cards have been an affordable way for gamers to get a great value without compromises to cooling or performance. They are also arguably one of the better-looking cards as the sleek black cooler blends in with any aesthetic and those few among us still riding the anti-RGB train can rejoice at the lack of ‘unicorn puke’. The two-slot iCX2 powered cooling solution keeps you cool during the most intense battle sessions without the need to get distractingly loud. The Nvidia reference design also allows an easy upgrade path to liquid cooling with EVGA’s Hybrid cooling kit or even to a full custom loop with EVGA’s HYDRO COPPER water block. If your gaming machine needs a SUPER stealthy upgrade, this just might be the card for you!

Posted by James Keir
on Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 8:00am
Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC

With the wave of new graphics cards being released July from both Nvidia and AMD, it's an exciting time for gamers looking to upgrade. One of the more budget-friendly cards that was released is the refresh of Nvidia’s RTX 2060 with the new RTX 2060 Super. The new 2060 Super is packed with more CUDA, RT and Tensor cores than its predecessor and also comes with an addition 2GB of memory, bumping the total to 8GB.  When new reference cards get released, various third-party manufacturers like to create their own version for the market place. Gigabyte is one of these companies releasing various flavors of the RTX 2060 Super line which include the RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC. The Gaming OC features Windforce X3 cooling system, full metal protection back plate, and is factory overclocked to 1815MHz all for an MSRP of $419.99.

Posted by Damon Bailey
on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 8:00am
ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER EVO OC Edition

Nvidia’s xx60 level mainstream cards are always one of the most popular cards to gamers for strong performance at a reasonably wallet-friendly price. The mid-season update to the Turing powered RTX cards gives you most of last years enthusiast-level RTX 2070 at the same budget-friendly RTX 2060 price point. ASUS takes that and gives it their nearly bulletproof Auto-Extreme manufacturing and beefy 2.7 slots cooler with twin Axial Flow fans for reliable and silent gaming performance. Today, we’ll see how it stacks up to the competition!


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