ASUS Phoenix GTX 1660 Ti OC Edition Review: Page 9 of 9

Posted by Damon Bailey on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

ASUS Phoenix GTX 1660 Ti OC Edition

ASUS’s Phoenix is the card based around the Nvidia reference model. Our particular one is the OC version that sports a very slight $5 price premium for a modest factory overclock. The 10% extra power budget gets you a decent amount of overclocking headroom but you have to keep an eye on thermals or be willing to manually force the fan to more audible levels with GPU Tweak. Even without overclocking, ASUS’s Phoenix provides a great experience at 1440p and does 1080p and higher frame rates with ease. We honestly can’t find anything to complain about, great performance at an affordable level in a small package, what’s not to love?

Great job ASUS!


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