Colorful iGame GeForce GTX1050Ti Vulcan review

Posted by Damon Bailey on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 8:00am


Colorful iGame GeForce GTX1050Ti Vulcan

Flagship GPU’s are always the envy of most gamers every generation. While a small percentage of the more deep-pocketed builds can snag them, most gamers end up a few notches down the scale in ‘mainstream’ category of cards.  Unless you are chasing blistering frame rates at extreme resolutions on tomorrows games with maximum eye candy, you’ll probably appreciate that capabilities of a much more affordable GPU.  Today, we’ll be checking it out and seeing what you can expect.

ProClockers would like to thank Colorful for sending the iGame GeForce GTX1050Ti Vulcan U 4G EC over to check out!

 Colorful’s take on the iGame GeForce GTX1050Ti Vulcan:

Better Gaming Experience.

Vulcan -The Ultimate Performance

iGame VULCAN series, the largest one of the iGame series, boasts its ultimate comprehensive performance including benchmarks, cooling, and customization, and gives users and unlimited customization with a variety of optional iGame accessories.

  • iGame Pure Power Supply
  • One-Key Overclocking
    • BOOST Ready Button raises the base clock from 1392 MHz to 1493 MHz with one touch.
  • Silver Plating Technology
    • Using advanced Silver Plating Technology PCB compare to traditional copper PCB. Oxidation is reduced thus improving PCB integrity for superior stability up to twice versus traditional PCBs.
  • iGame-Full Armor Backplate
  • I.P.P. Digital Power Supply
    • Lower DC Impedance than same size inductance. High Electronic impedance. Lower working temp and lower EMI.
  • Dual 90mm size fans
    • Better thermal performance than dual 80mm fans.
  • Pure Nickel Plating Copper Heat Pipes




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